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Messrs. Ed Zwartz, Gordon Sisler and Paul Gerroir

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Colour catalogue: IFM - InfiniteFocus Microscope 2006

Software File Format Information Sheet: AL3D Propriatary Files for import into MeX and IF 2

INSTRUCTIONS - How to import AL3D data files into IF2-Demo software

Confidential Comparison Data Sheet

MeX-Demo Software version 5.0

DEM data file - Toner on paper - non-fixed

Zipped data file - AL3D data files of "replicas"

Zipped data file - More AL3D data files [uploaded 13.03.2007]

Information relating to measurements of paper surfaces [using the IFM] - and other materials for information purposes

Reconstruction and sample report on paper surfaces [anonymous client]

Application Data Sheet: Missing dots on paper

Application Data Sheet: Paper Speckle

Application Data Sheet: Sack Kraft Paper

Application Data Sheet: Wear Crater Analysis of metal surface