Measurements in the Scanning Electron Microscope

MeX ...turns your SEM into a fully functional 3D topographic measuring device ....

MeX turns your SEM into a fully functional 3D measuring device. It pictures the topography of the specimen surface and enables 3D Image Analysis to be carried out directly from the digital images obtained. No additional hardware is necessary to run the stand alone software.

All commonly used and suitably equipped Scanning Electron Microscopes are supported. The modular design of different base packages can be adapter to your needs and enables such measurements as Profile, Roughness, Area Analysis, Volumetric Measurements and more. The 3D dataset required to perform these analyses is calculated fully automatically from digital images that are obtained by simply tilting your SEM stage.

The software technology involved has been proven to be highly robust as well as accurate by many clients in leading companies and institutes throughout the world. Previously unobtainable imaging and analysis of your sample surfaces is now possible with ease and accuracy. In most cases, no other topographic measurement device will be required. The ability to make measurements directly from the SEM images helps to increase the performance of your laboratory and reduce other major expenditures and investments.

To summarize:

  •     Makes 3D measurementsdirectly from SEM images
  •     Modular software for Profile, Roughness, Area and even Volume analysis
  •     Fast, robust and accurate analysis is combined with ease of operation
  •     No additional hardware is necessary
  •     Runs on standard PCs with common operating systems
  •     Extensive export and printing capabilities


    If you see any potential MeX applications for your work or research, but are not quite certain, we can prepare 3D "tagged" data files of your digital SEM images, which can be imported into MeX Demo software for your viweing and evaluation. Simply download MeX-Demo software to import your specially tagged 3D data files. This is a service for prospective customers and is available at no charge. Contact us for details.

    Click here to download information as to what is required to prepare your digital SEM images. Once your digital images have been transformed by us into [tagged] 3D data sets that can be imported into the free MeX-Demo software, you can evaluate, visualise and analyse them at your own pace, just as if you had a full version.

    If you like to learn more as to how to take SEM stereo images correctly and avoid common errors, go to our Downloads Page [see below] where you can download the necessary instructions from the various downloads available.

    MeX Software consists of several modules in order to fit your professional 3D analysis needs and can be purchased either in different "Packages" to suit your specific needs or in separate modules. Individual modules, if and when required, can be added later. Our Service Contract guarantee our support and free upgrades [within the version you purchased] to keep your software up-to-date.

           here to view a description of the operations and functionality of the various software                            modules and see related screenshots.


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