InfiniteFocus - Light Microscopy and Metrology in one

- Digital Imaging, Image Processing for sharp "Infinite Focus" Images, 3D Visualization and 3D Image Analysis -

Simply stated - Combine the advantages of TOPOMICROSCOPY in a revolutionary 3D measurement device with Light Microscopy functionality!

The InfiniteFocus Microscope is a fully digital light microscope and includes newly-developed 3D measurement and image analysis capabilities.

The radically new InfiniteFocus system allows the capturing and calculation of sharp and brilliant images of virtually infinite-depth-of-focus. In contrast to conventional light microscopy, images with almost 1000-times enlarged depth-of-focus can be captured, visualized and analysed.

If you have topographic specimens of great height and profile differences - within seconds, sharp high-resolution digital color images are calculated, applying innovative new algorithms. Using the InfiniteFocus Microscope system - with our special objectives - does not only allow you to obtain sharp images of incredible and not seen before depth-of-field - at a wide range of magnifications - it also allows you to apply highly accurate 3D Image Analysis measurements and topographic analyses with your specimens.

How to turn a light microscope into a digital 3D imaging and measuring Topomicroscopy device?

  • Acquire your own Infinite Focus Microscope - with its dedicated and purpose-built hardware and extensive range of software,
  • Adapt your current reflected light Compound Research Microscope or other microscope device into an Infinite Focus capable optical imaging device. *

The innovations that distinguish the InfiniteFocus Microscope from your conventional light microscope:

  • A range of highly-corrected objectives - featuring exceptionally large working distances - between specimen top and lower objective surface. For technical data on the IFM microscope, digital cameras, special objectives and optional computer systems, click here; or for a general data sheet click here.

  • Software controlled changing of the focal plane via a motorized focus drive results in multiple "in-focus" images of the observed specimen. This series of images - the so-called digital image stack - is captured [refer also to IF-Junior, an independently usable IFM software module]. Fast novel digital image processing algorithms reproduce the image formation process in the microscope and determine which pixels are in focus - and an image with optimal focus and sharpness is the result. Additionally, mapping [mosaic] capabilities "stitch Infinite Focus images together", to achieve large Infinite Focus images, forming the basis for true "3D Visualization and Analysis".

  • Conventional illumination techniques do not allow optimal illumination in all image areas. In virtually all cases, images areas can appear either too bright or too dark. The IFM software directly controls the light source and the digital camera and calculates the optimal illumination for each and every pixel in the image.

  • The resulting perfectly sharp "Infinite Focus" image can now be transformed into a 3D - Digital Elevation Model, allowing the analysis and measurement of true 3D data, such as Profile, Area/Projected Area, Volume, Depth/Height, Roughness, Bearing Ratio, Waviness and more.
IFM  THE REAL ADVANTAGES for the discriminating Microscopist

  • Utilisation of topographic specimens with great height differences and profiles, using a wide range of magnifications
  • Creation of images with virtually infinite-depth-of-focus
  • Automatic calculation of the DEM [Digital Elevation Model]
  • Fully-automatic creation of 3D datasets for a variety of 3D Image Analysis functions
  • Images under optimal illumination due to digital image capturing and digitally controllable light source
  • Convenient working with the optical microscope due to the latest in digital camera technology
  • Modular design - acquire the dedicated, purpose-built IFM [InfiniteFocus Microscope], upgrade your existing microscope or decide on new harmonizing components.

    * To realise all of the "InfiniteFocus" features, you require the necessary hardware components and software modules.

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