Enhance your view

- and get "Infinite-Depth-of-Focus" images with your light microscope!


IF-Junior Software is designed for "SHARP FOCUS" calculation of digital image stacks from Light Microscopes and Macroscopes, and uses InfiniteFocus Technology software by ALICONA Imaging. All you need is the IFJ software package and a Digital Camera with a suitable Optical Coupler on your compound microscope or macroscope.

This inexpensive and easy-to-use software is able to calculate images with theoretical infinite depth-of-focus. It is NOT suitable for use with Stereomicroscopes.

You may want to download a free DEMO version and, if you think it has applications in your microscopy work, purchase the full service version by simply obtaining the License Code over the Internet from us.

How you do it? Simple!

  • First you capture several images with different focus settings and open these images with IF Junior.
  • In the next step you choose the quality of reconstruction.
  • After a short time for calculation the sharp image is ready to be saved.
  • Display the InfiniteFocus image on your computer.

       Image stack                 Resulting sharp image             Blurred image            Calculated Sharp Image


CLICK HERE - to download the free DEMO version.
CLICK HERE - to go to IF-Junior HELP and "HOW TO" assistance pages.

Please note that the DEMO VERSION has only limited capabilities. If you wish to purchase the full IF-Junior Software, please download the demo version from here. Using the product ID number, shown immediately after the start of the IF-Junior DEMO software, you can order the Activation Key from us and you will be ready to use the software with all its functions soon after.