is a new and advanced software package designed to visualize and analyze 3D datasets of various surface-display devices, such as Atomic Force Microscopes [AFM], Confocal Laser Scan Microsopes [LSM], Interferometers, Profilometers and many similar imaging devices.

The data sets do not have to come from "microscope" sources or any of those listed above. You can also analyze macroscopic data as for example those collected by satellites and similar devices.

Starting from the raw data, the 3D-Spy software computes a DEM [Digital Elevation Model] that is used for visualization and analysis purposes. You can measure topographic features like roughness, waviness, ratio[s] between true and projected surfaces, volumes and more 2D and 3D parameters via the various available analysis modules.

Color coded 3D surface model created by 3DSpy and the original depth image.

3D-Spy is made up of several modules, in order to fit your individual needs:

3D-Spy Database:

- The graphical database to administer your data    sets.

3D-Spy AnaglyphViewer:

- The module to visualize the 3D data set as an    anaglyph image viewed with special glasses.

3D-Spy DEM Viewer:

- The module to visualize the 3D model.
3DSpy Profile:

- The module to extract and analyze profiles.
3DSpy Area:

- The module to extract and analyze area-based    features.
3DSpy Volume:

- The module to measure volumes of voids or    protrusions.

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3DSpy is a pure software solution - YOU DO NOT NEED ANY ADDITIONAL HARDWARE. By using 3D-Spy, you can present and analyze your digital data sets in ways not possible so far.

3DSpy can be operated on every PC running under Windows™ 95, 98, NT, 2000, XP as well as LINUX. For ports on workstations running UNIX or other Operating Systems, please CONTACT us).