MeX v4.2 DEMO Software - Download Request Page

If you wish to download a free demo version of MeX v4.2 Software for Windows 9x/NT/2000/XP - this is the place.

[If you utilise another operating system i.e. UNIX, LINUX, OS/2 - please CLICK HERE to contact us for availability.]

What can you do and what do you get with the free demo version?

What you cannot do with the free demo version?

In case you are interested in evaluating the DEMO software using your own images, please CONTACT us. We will forward information as to what we need in as far as digital SEM images from you are concerned. Following receipt of your images, we will transform them into special .al3d Digital Elevation Model [DEM] files, which can then be downloaded from our web site. These .al3d data files can then be imported into MeX Demo and you can actually perform measurements of the 3D parameters in your own SEM images.

Although this service is free to prospective MeX Software customers for evaluation purposes, service charges for others may apply.

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Upon receipt of your request, you will receive an e-mail with the download instructions.