The words MeX or IFM below, identify the equipment or software described in the publication or report. MeX is the analytical software tool for SEM applications, IFM [InfiniteFocus Microscope] is the hardware and software tool for 3D analysis with the purpose-built ALICONA "InfiniteFocus" Microscope or standard commercial light microscope adapted for the purpose.

       IFM - Application Report - Metallurgy - Wear Crater Analysis.
       IFM and MeX - New Analytical Capabilities in Drug Discovery.
       MeX - Publication - 3D Surface Analysis in Scanning Electron Microscopy
       MeX - Publication Review - Digital 3D Microscopy
       IFM - Application Report - Evaluation report on the topic "Material Fracture" using
         MeX Software and the InfiniteFocus Microscope [only available in German]
       MeX - Certificate/Report - Vickers Hardness Test using MeX Software - by
         ThyssenKrupp Steel Corporation - Central Quality Control Laboratories - Metallography
         Section [only available in German]
       IFM - Advertsing/Review - Digitale 3D Mikroskopie - The shortcomings of the Light
         Microscope [only available in German]
       MeX - Scientific Review - Comparison of Different Measuring Methods - Preliminary
         scientific paper on a comparison between different Roughness Measurement devices and
         MeX Software. [only available in German]
       IFM - Image Table - Vickers Hardness Test report and images. [text in German only]
       IFM - Application Report - Roughness Measurements of a Diamond Tip with the
       IFM - Application Report - Sub-Micro Measurements with the InfiniteFocus Microscope.
       IFM - Application Report - Measurements of "Plateau-honed" surface in the automobile
         industry with the InfiniteFocus Microscope.
       IFM - Application Report - Quantitative evaluation of form-grinding Tools for
         Glass Substrates with the InfiniteFocus Microscope.
       IFM - Application Report - Quantitative measurement if convoluted impressions using a
         metal stamp with the InfiniteFocus Microscope
       IFM - Application Report - Achieving "unlimited depth-of-focus" with the InfiniteFocus
       IFM - Application Report - Measurements of screw thread profile and surface roughness
         with the InfiniteFocus Microscope.
       IFM - Application Report - The Creation of extremely large areas and visual fields of
         "unlimited depth-of-focus" images through "image stitching" using the InfiniteFocus
       IFM - Application Report - Automatic illumination compensation and adjustment in "high
         -radiometric" microscope images with special software of the InfiniteFocus Microscope.
       IFM - Application Report - The InfiniteFocus Microscope in Dentistry - Robust and accurate
         3D measurement capabilities for dental laser treatment.
       MeX - Scientific Report - by Research Institute for Electron Microscopy - Graz University
         Title: "Robust, dense and accurate 3D surface reconstruction in SEM through automatic
         calibration data of calculation from multiple images".
       MeX - Report on new Analysis Module - Description and comparison using the NEW
         software module MeX-TriCreator.


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